Fit Lincoln Park is Chicago’s only indoor/outdoor personal training and group fitness studio. Pay only for the services you use. There are no enrollment costs and no monthly membership fees…ever! With no contracts you can stop wasting money and start making progress. Fit Lincoln Park’s professionally certified trainers and instructors offer fresh styles of programming and more than 25 group fitness classes each week.

Being active in sports such as diving and gymnastics fueled Jade’s passion for physical exercise as a child. Jade learned the importance of proactive fitness at an early age, while watching loved ones struggle with health and weight issues.

In high school Jade was diagnosed with E.D.S., a connective tissue disorder, causing her to have to give up competitive sports and begin working with a personal trainer of her own. Together they effectively minimized her pain by helping her build muscle safely.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Jade was inspired to do the same for those around her. She has been on a mission to improve the overall health and lifestyle of her clients through education and the application of fresh training techniques.

Jade trains her clients with a positive mentality and channels her personal experiences to move beyond vanity, focusing on preventative fitness efforts as well. She conveys the importance of form as well as strengthening the body from the core. Jade is an A.C.E certified personal trainer who holds additional certifications in both Pilates and pre- and post-natal fitness. She has over ten years in the fitness industry, including six as a lead trainer at one of the nation’s top gyms. Today, she is a head trainer and co-founder of Fit Lincoln Park.

Daniel Braxton

Daniel’s (boy-on) start in the personal training and fitness industry stems from his own weight loss experience. Although he grew up an athlete already in prime cardiovascular shape, Daniel still had to adjust his workout regimen and challenge his body in new ways in order to lose 50 unwanted pounds.

Daniel took that knowledge and began training high school and college-level football, basketball and soccer players. Specializing in taking clients to another level, he constantly adjusts their workouts, often combining high-intensity intervals with short resting periods.

Daniel is an expert at evaluating physical ability and promoting accountability. He readily admits that his clients are typically sore the day after training and believes it can be an essential part of making progress. Daniel brings seven years of experience to serve as a lead trainer and co-founder of Fit Lincoln Park.Daniel successfully helps clients reach their personal goals through his determination to elevate the body in ways that cannot be achieved working out on their own.

Experience a unique two-story indoor/outdoor personal training and group fitness studio in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Participate in a variety of group fitness classes such as Buns & Guns, Fit Yoga or Detox. The personal training floor features progressive FreeMotion™ cables and TRX™ suspension equipment. The complete Pilates studio is designed for one-on-one instruction and incorporates Balanced Body Pilates Reformers™ to develop precision alignment, strength and flexibility.

During the Summer, Fit Lincoln Park makes your workout anything but a walk in the park. Outdoor classes, bootcamps and customized personal training sessions will be held in our backyard classroom and nearby Oz Park. Our backyard was designed with fitness in mind. It’s the perfect fit for anyone who likes to get out and move in the fresh summer air but still desires the hands-on guidance of our personal trainers.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 6AM-9PM
Saturday: 7AM-6PM
Sunday: By Appointment Only
Lamont’s Fit Bootcamp in the Summer kicked off my desire to place a stronger emphasis on fitness. I wanted to take it to the next level in preparation for my wedding and I thought I would take a few personal training sessions with Lamont since I really liked his training style. Once I had a few sessions I was hooked. I was seeing immediate results not only on the scale but with my endurance level as well. Lamont knows how to push and challenge you, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, he is up on all the fitness trends and he incorporates these things during my sessions. He totally customizes your workouts so you are hitting the areas that need the most work. 9 months later I look better, feel better and I am more confident to walk down the aisle. I can’t say enough good things about Lamont. You can’t put a price on health!

Brittany M.

I’ve trained with Jade three days a week for the past three years. I didn’t put much thought into exercising until I developed some problems with my heart. With my health as a top priority, my physician recommended I start an exercise program. I was quite timid at first, however Jade, in addition to being fun and energetic, turned out to also be very attentive. I appreciate how safe and inspired Jade makes me feel. Today I’m standing taller, my clothes fit better, and ultimately I have a much more positive outlook on my health and happiness.

Catherine Leyser

I trained with Jade for six months during the past year. Initially, I was worried that my level of fitness was too low to train, and afraid that my previous injuries would be aggravated by training. Jade listened closely to my concerns, observed areas of weakness and developed a plan that strengthened my back and knees while correcting my posture and form to prevent future injuries. I am now more fit and more aware of my body, in and out of the gym. I trust her when she pushes me to work hard because I know she knows what she’s doing.

Julia Loper

Jade  was instrumental in preparing me for my wedding.  Because time was of the essence, Jade put together a comprehensive yet highly efficient program with weight loss as the main focus. She really understood the human body and was extremely attentive to my form when we trained. In 6 months, I lost 10 lbs and 3 dress sizes in time for me to be in the best shape of my life for my wedding day.

Suzanne Gehl

I trained with Jade over the course of the past three years. One of the primary benefits that Jade was able to offer me was her in depth knowledge, expertise and specialization of services related to prenatal and pregnancy training. I became pregnant with our first child while training with Jade and can honestly say that her assistance in preparing me physically for childbirth was critical. I couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved with Jade’s assistance before having our baby and look forward to having her whip me back in to shape now that the baby is here.

Lisa Ahern

I have trained with Daniel for several years. As a person who becomes easily bored with traditional weight training, I appreciate his variety in routines, often sport-specific, which we perform in and out of the gym. He taught me how to train around old sports injuries and strengthen the areas where I was lacking. If you want to reach your fitness goals and enjoy (as much as possible) the process, I highly recommend working with Daniel.

Aaron Mcleod

I’ve been working with Daniel for 2 years and have seen amazing results. His ability to motivate and create challanging workouts have been the key to my sucsess. I recommend Daniel to anyone who is trying to get back in shape but doesn’t have the motivation. He will make each workout challanging, creative, and most importantly fun.

Lisa H