Personal Training

Did you know that it requires 5,000 reps to correct a wrong movement pattern that if learned properly would only take you 500 reps? Don't waste your time! Whether you desire to bulk up, trim down or just stay fit, we understand the importance of empowering you with the knowledge of how to work out the right way. Our group of professional trainers and instructors offer tailored programs promoting consistent results - without relying on the same old routines.

Pilates Studio

Pilates sessions are offered in our private, fully-equipped Pilates studio, which features two Allegro Sport Reformers, an Allegro Tower of Power and an industry-first split-pedal Exo chair.

Take individual sessions or save money while having fun by taking doubles sessions with a friend. Our certified Pilates instructors deliver a comprehensive program to improve control, movement and precision.

Body Metrics

Ultrasonic Body Fat Analysis with IntelaMetrix BodyMetrix BX 2000

The BodyMetrix fat analyzer is a breakthrough in body composition assessment. With this technology you can scan, see and track fat loss and muscle gain. The use of ultrasound allows BodyMetrix to detect the true fat thickness at different measurement points on your body. Sound waves pass through body fat more easily than muscle; the BodyMetrix device uses the echo pattern of sound waves to assess the precise depth of skin and fat to give you an accurate picture of your current fitness level. Assessments take only minutes and are not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake.

With each assessment, Fit Lincoln Park will provide a report of your body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), and body circumference measurements. The results of your body fat assessment will help us in recommending the best plan to achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you're just getting started on the wellness wagon, want to lose a couple of stubborn pounds, looking to gain muscle mass, or are an elite athlete looking to improve performance, nutrition counseling is a key component to help you achieve your goals. Our Registered Dietitian has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry and can integrate proper nutrition seamlessly into your everyday lifestyle so that you have a realistic and enjoyable nutrition plan that you can stick to for life!

In Home Training

charaWith Fit Lincoln Park In-Home, the gym comes to you. Our certified personal trainers will come to your local home or office and give you the ultimate total body workout. Don’t have equipment? We will bring everything you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Please call for more information.

Group fitness

smallGroup fitness is never an afterthought. Feel the motivating energy of our group classes while receiving close attention from our professionally certified instructors. Select from more than 25 creative and exciting classes offered each week, including full body strength training, yoga, cardio and kickboxing classes. Our group classes are tailored to your schedule, whether you prefer to work out during the morning, afternoon or evening.

With high ceilings, exposed brick, theater style lighting and professional surround sound equipment, you'll feel right at home in our intimate second floor classroom. Or enjoy exercising in our backyard classroom throughout the summer months.

Buns and Guns:
Just like the name says…This one hour class will target both your arms and glutes. Get ready to squat, curl, and dip to perfection!

Core Impact:
This 45-minute class combines fun and energetic hip-hop dance moves with traditional bootcamp conditioning movement for a sleek total body and cardiovascular workout!

Friday night was fun…But now it is time to pay up. This total body cleansing class incorporates resistance training, cardio, and yoga to help clean out all the toxins we put in our body throughout the week.

Dream Yoga:
Kick off your shoes, take a deep breath and join Dream Yoga. Designed for all levels, this one-hour journey explores gentle movements to increase flexibility, strength and personal well-being. Students are led through stretches, yoga postures, breathing practices, and finally guided into a deep relaxation or ‘Dream’ state.

Fit Bootcamp:
This 1 hour outdoor class is dedicated to pushing your body to the next level. Sports-inspired cardio infused with strength conditioning and toning is achieved through the use of plyometrics, interval training, and body-weight resistance. Bootcamp will challenge your muscular strength and endurance as well as your balance, and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises.

Fit Yoga:
This 45-minute power class combines heat with breath and movement to take you to both your mental and physical edge. Variations in poses for both beginners and advanced students make Fit Yoga a great class to try.

Hip Hop Booty Camp:
This 45 minute class combines fun and energetic hip-hop dance moves with traditional bootcamp conditioning movement for a sleek total body and cardiovascular workout!

Burn fat and get cut in this 45-minute class which incorporates the elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to create a long and lean physique. Your heart will be racing as you perform a variety of kicks, punches, knee-strikes, and self-defense moves.

Hittin’ the gym like crazy, but just can’t get rid of that last 5-10 pounds? Join this high-energy 45-minute total body meltdown. You’ll walk away looking and feeling Ripped.

Getting in shape never sounded so cool! Get total body resistance-BAND training while sweating to your favorite rock tunes. This workout focuses on high-repetition strength training. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

No time is wasted in this 30-minute abdominal workout that zeros in on the core muscles of both the abdomen and the back. You will enjoy a variety of mat exercises from crunches and twists to planks and isometric holds, so that every muscle in your core becomes stronger and more defined.